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We create Strategic Marketing Plans for businesses ready to build their brand with purpose. 

"building brands with purpose"

Kirsty Gaitens

We specialise in strategic marketing for service-based businesses, with a strong focus in the lifestyle and wellness industries. 

We dive into your business’s structure to uncover your why, and creatively strategise a customised plan to help you sustainably reach your immediate and long term goals. 

Our plans fuel structure, accountability, and scalable growth, with clear parameters around targets and goal setting. 

Our process is designed to focus on your business holistically, to diagnose what your business actually needs and guide you to implement the process. 


Brand Audit & Exploration

Strategy is the core of all effective marketing. Our Brand Audit and Exploration allows us to understand your business from the core. We holistically review your business to formulate a plan for you to achieve your business goals.

The Brand Exploration covers: 

Marketing Roadmap

This is where your goals come to life. We map out a six or twelve-month customised marketing plan, tailored to your business’s specific needs and budget, including campaign creative direction and month-by-month activity.

This can be readily activated and managed all in-house, and includes a 1:1 online mentoring session with your team to ensure you’re confident in how to integrate this plan into everyday business.


Streamlined Management

Let’s make your business grow! If you don’t have the capacity to implement the activity, or just need a little more guidance, this is where we come on board to efficiently streamline your marketing by leading the process for you, keeping your business aligned with your strategic marketing plan. This is only offered to a limited amount of clients each month who have built their marketing roadmap with us. 

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