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Marketing mentoring and planning for businesses ready to build their brand with purpose. 

Kirsty Gaitens

"building brands with purpose"

Our purpose is to help you build yours, through our unique approach to marketing mentoring and strategic marketing planning. 

We immerse in the core of your business to uncover your why,  strategise a customised plan, and create the  freedom you crave for your business to grow.

Our process is designed to focus on your business holistically with our proven three step exploration & planning method, diagnosing what your business actually needs, and empowering you with the tools and knowledge to implement it.


Let's evaluate and explore

Strategy is the core of all effective marketing. Before crafting your marketing plan, we get to really know you. We analytically dive into a brand audit which uncovers your businesses expansion opportunities from the inside out.  

This includes:

Your Marketing Roadmap

This is where your goals come to life. We map out a six month customised marketing plan, tailored to your businesses specific needs and budget, including campaign creative direction, templates, and implementation structure. 

This plan can be immediately activated and managed all in-house, which includes a 1:1 online mentoring session with your team to ensure you’re confident in how to integrate this plan into everyday business.


Marketing Mentoring

Let’s make your business grow! This is perfect for businesses who need professional marketing support to efficiently streamline your marketing by leading the process for you. This helps keep your business aligned with your strategic marketing plan, and frees up your time as a business owner to focus on propelling the expansion of your business.

This is offered to clients who have built their marketing roadmap with us. 

ready to build your brand with purpose?

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