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who are we?

we build brands with purpose

Marketing and Planning

meet our founder

hello, I'm Kirsty

Strategic marketer, wandering explorer, and non-fiction book lover, with the mission to nurture, educate and empower small businesses with the right strategic marketing tools to build brands with purpose.

As a degree qualified communications expert, I’ve spent the last decade working with clients from all around the globe leading marketing accounts for local, national, and international business. What I consistently found across both SME and corporations was, who & how you show up in your business is maybe the most important factor at play in that business’s success. 

I wanted to explore this further by educating and empowering my clients with proven tactical ways to accelerate their performance so I went on to study as an NLP practitioner and Coach. 

My personal WHY is to help create a more connected world through purpose-led individuals and businesses. This is integrated into everything we do, as I help guide, inspire, and motivate you while elevating your business’s strategy, marketing, planning, and processes to create the business expansion you desire. 


Marketing strategy, mentoring & planning 

to inspire, motivate, and educate.


marketing is simply a way to share your story

We believe local business is the core of culture in our communities. With more empowered business owners comes stronger communities, which only elevates the path to more meaningful connections in our cities and around the world.  

I know you are different, I know you want to be seen and want to be heard, want to share your story, your passion, and your purpose with the world. And I know you’re probably thinking, but how?!

I’m here to show you you can have successful marketing, a successful business, and a successful life created and determined on your terms.

I’m here to support you to really step into living out your purpose. 

What We Value


Freedom facilitates the expression of creativity, original and inspired thought, increased productivity, and an overall higher quality of life. Without freedom, imagination does not exist, and without imagination, absolutely nothing would be created.


We connect with our clients with genuine, humble intention. We act as if we are an extension of your business. We want your business to thrive with ethical, sustainable, and purposeful practice.


We’re forever learning, forever growing, and forever exploring. Our online studio allows us to travel around the world to accelerate the depth of our knowledge and share this with our clients. 


We help you be the best versions of you through somatic coaching, teaching you how to discover, listen, and align, so you can show up in your business as the creator not the follower.

Invest in the world you live in

Supporting a cause that aligns with us is an important part of us giving back. 
We’ve chosen to support the international organisation Women for Women by sponsoring a sister, which provides women in disadvantaged communities to have access to the knowledge and education to live out their purpose too. 
You can choose to support a woman in need too. @womenforwomen