Kirsty Gaitens

Hey, I’m Kirsty

I’m a strategic marketer, wandering explorer, and non-fiction book lover, with a vision to nurture, educate and empower small-medium businesses with the right strategic marketing plan to unleash and elevate their purpose.

I’ve spent the past decade working around the globe with a range of clients leading marketing and advertising for local, national and international businesses, but it is mentoring clients that lights me up the most.

I embody the core belief that marketing isn’t just about creating sales, don’t get me wrong it is a tool to drive sales yes, but good marketing is truly about the people and the connection that is made. This is what I love bringing to life through the mrkt house.

words that matter


Sincerity is the window to building a strong business and a beautiful life. I approach everything and everyone with respect and trust, and choose to only work with clients who value this.


It’s important to stay true to yourself, and not just do things because everyone else is. I encourage you to stay truthful to your brand and inspire you to see that your lane is the only one to be in.


Forever learning, and forever exploring. Life simply is pretty boring when you become complacent.

giving back

 I have chosen two amazing not-for-profits, the Australian Marine Conservation Society and sponsoring ‘a sister’ through Women for Women. These organisations are doing exceptional things for our planet and the inspiring people in it.


Freedom facilitates the expression of creativity, original thought, increased productivity, and an overall higher quality of life. Without freedom, imagination does not exist. Without imagination nothing can be created.