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Hey, I’m Kirsty

I’m a strategic marketer, wandering explorer, non-fiction book lover, with a huge heart and ambition on a mission to help businesses achieve their big dreams from any corner of the world.

I’ve spent the past decade working in corporate client services, freelancing,  and leading advertising accounts for local, national and international marketing agencies across Australia and Canada.

I feel blessed to have lived across the globe, in the United Kingdom, Canada, and my home country Australia, immersing myself in different ways of living; which has given me an intricate understanding in the diversity of not only businesses and processes, but also the importance of human connection.

You see, marketing isn’t about sales, it is a tool to drive sales yes, but it’s about people, and the stories of those people – the connections that are made. And that’s what I love bringing to life in the work that I do.

With a professional advertising and marketing background, Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Marketing, and dedication to ongoing learning; my vision is to nurture, educate and empower small businesses with the right strategic marketing tools to not only maximise the value of their budgets, but unleash their purpose, and to ultimately create a rewarding business and a life that’s aligned with them.

we are made of


I approach my life, and my work, with honesty, respect, integrity and trust. I choose to work with clients who also have these values so communication runs freely, and we can have the best possible working relationship.


‘Why be anyone when you can be you’. People get caught up in what everyone else is doing, they lose sight of what makes them them. It’s important to stay true to yourself, and not just do things because everyone else is. I encourage you to stay truthful and to stay in your lane.


Forever learning, forever exploring, forever curious. There is so much to be learnt when you stay curious and open-minded. Life simply is just pretty boring when you become closed and complacent.

Giving Back

One of my promises is to give back to organisations close to my heart. I have chosen two remarkable not-for-profits, the Australian Marine Conservation Society and sponsoring ‘a sister’ through Women for Women. These organisations are doing exceptional things for our planet and the inspiring people in it.


Freedom facilitates the expression of creativity, original thought, increased productivity, and an overall higher quality of life. Without freedom, imagination does not exist. Without imagination nothing can be created.