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Brand and Business, What’s the Difference?

Brand and Business, what’s
the difference?

In simplified terms, your brand is how your audience perceives you. This is how you look, your personality, your behaviour, and how you connect with people. 

Your business is the organisation itself and its service or product that it offers at a monetary exchange. 

These two are directly intertwined in what makes your business uniquely your business, and when it comes to holistic marketing, these are both reviewed. Not just the brand nor just the service/product, but how they are connected and what overall customer experience is a result of this? 

When evaluating both parts we can not only identify potential cracks but reveal the untapped opportunities that lie within the brand and the business, giving you an in-depth insight into your business from a strategic perspective. This evaluation and exploration is recommended as the very first step for businesses that are in the start-up phase, and have not yet explored the ray of opportunities that their offering might have, or if your business is at a turning point and needs a shift or wake-up. 

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