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Plans create structure, accountability, and efficiency, and when infused with strategy they create marketing magic. A plan allows you to travel through your business in the same way as you would travel anywhere else. It provides the best way to get from A-B. Allows you to pre-empt what the road looks like ahead. Allows you to make proactive decisions rather than reacting to every roadblock you endure. Plans are maps that create you freedom. 

Yes! This is the most aligned way to build a strong brand and business that is efficient and purpose driven. It is by far your biggest investment as everything you do falls back on strategy. We strongly believe to build a brand with purpose you need to create your foundation first. If you already have a brand strategy in place, great, we are happy to lift your business to our Brand Expansion only after completing a 1:1 Marketing Intensive to ensure this strategy wholeheartedly encompasses your why. 

No. We look at your overall marketing from a holistic strategic level. This certainly includes a social media strategy but your business should not be built soley on this – remembering if these platforms disappeared tomorrow how would your business survive? 

Yes. Our Organic Brand Builder provides you with the activity, and our Marketing Mentoring is perfect if you have a small team to help with the heavy lifting. 

I get it! You want your hard earned money to have a good return for you, and so do I, but to follow cookie cutter trends, quick results and unethical practices to get there you may fly to the top quickly but you will fall back down even faster. the mrkt house focuses on you truly creating a life filled with magic. And to create this, it starts with purpose. 

An in-house marketing manager can cost you anywhere between 50k-90k a year depending on experience. Our packages are a quarter of this investment conducted with a degree qualified and experienced expert, who collaborates with other top professionals in their fields.